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The largest brothel in Asia: Brothels are located in every country except in one of the countries. The largest brothel in Asia is located in Calcutta, India's one-time capital. Sonagachi named after the city's history of four hundred years is associated with this brothel. Not only that, the name of this place is historically (!) Which has emerged in different ways in Bangla literature.

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Sonagachi received a large form during the British government. Then this area continued to expand in independent India. For this reason, the whole region was once recognized as a state-of-the-art rad light district.

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The 39-year-old Gita Das, who has been living here for a long time as a sex worker. He can not think of himself anymore outside of this area. On the contrary, he said, 'I am a sex worker. as like a doctor, engineer, and aeronautics, my career is given sexual satisfaction.' When Gita was 16-year-old, she came to this region for the first time and since then her fate has been stuck here. According to the latest estimate, there are currently about seven thousand sex workers in Sonagachi, whose houses are located in different parts of India and neighboring Bangladesh.

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When Gita was only 12, she was forced to marry a 37-year-old middle-aged man. But in the hands of her husband, she was forced to return to her father's house at the young age of two children after being tortured and tortured. But the financial stability of her father's house pushed him towards Kolkata, in search of livelihood. After suffering for some time in Calcutta, a friend brought him to Sonagachi.

By coming here my life is safe and secure. My two children have finished their education now and they are working. If I were at home then could I have to pay for their studies? The society should look at themselves before we point fingers at us. Did anyone give us jobs?

Most sex workers in Sonagachi use their names as their identity instead of the names given to their parents. Because they are separated from their own community, their family is not separated from society. That is why they use different names in society because they are not considered as their families.

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Although there are many who choose not to be for livelihood, only for this sexual activity. One such a sexy sex worker woman said, "Sex with different men is very exciting to me. They call me floating sex workers because I go home after work, I do not live in Sonagachhi. My only fear is that if my child ever knows about my work. One of my friend's children knew about his mother's work. And this is because of my fear that I am afraid of many. I live in two lives and I have to do it.

But after a few minutes, the real reason is known. He also works mainly to meet the medical expenses of his sick parents. 'This work gives me both money and joy. Besides, they have the opportunity to go to different classes of society. As long as the customers want me, I will continue this work.

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Most of the people who become adults in this profession are not available in Sonagachi. One of them is 55-year-old Purnima Chatterjee. Purnima was born in a large family and by her own father's hand, she entered her profession. He said, 'I could have become a wife, someone could have a daughter-in-law. But then I do not blame my father. This is my fate. I had to take care of my five children and my parents as it was God's will. I have done my duty only by God's will. But now I have no one, there is no capability to earn money. And after a few years, I do not know what will happen to me. '

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Although there is no legality in sex in India, the government does not have any problem with Sonagachi. The government of Calcutta silently supported the lives of these people and their livelihood. No government in West Bengal has tried to evict Sonagachi. Maybe this is due to some cultural reasons, for some political reasons. Maybe this is due to some cultural reasons, for some political reasons. Because, despite having the communist rule in West Bengal for many years, there was nothing like Sonagachi's sexually transmitted sex, so its roots are really deeply ingrained, it has to be admitted frankly.

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