Danyang-Kunshan is the longest bridge in the world

Danyang kunshan
the longest bridge in the world
Ever since the primary 2000s, China reworked its industrial capabilities to such levels that they quickly started building large public and industrial transport lines that connected their major industrial hubs one to a special. whereas rail transport received lots of of attention throughout this quantity, transport was in addition regenerate with the unbelievable capabilities of Chinese companies to create bridges of all shapes and sizes. This revolution of bridge building enabled the creation of not only several bridges in mountainous areas but also bridges that were created over land.

After several projects that started breaking bridge-building records from all round the world, Chinese government elective  to waken reality one in every of the most spectacular bridge ever formed – a railroad bridge which will connect city|town} of Shanghai with the town of Nanjing, the capital of East China’s Jiangsu province. to attain this nice accomplishment, designers of this bridge had to make a project that will accommodate not only huge size of this project that needed creation of a bridge that's over one hundred miles long, however additionally to be inbuilt a region that had land options like rivers, lakes, canals, lowland rice paddies and uneven piece of land. Final styles of the bridge were sanctioned in early 2006 once 1st work started.

The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is the world's longest bridge

It is a 164.8-kilometre (102.4 mi) long viaduct on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway.

longest bridge
beautiful view of the longest bridge
The bridge is found on the railway line between Shanghai and nanjing in East China’s Jiangsu province. it's within the Yangtze River Delta wherever the earth science is characterized by lowland rice paddies, canals, rivers, and lakes. The bridge runs roughly parallel to the Yangtze river, concerning eight to eighty kilometer (5 to fifty mi) south of the stream. It passes through the northern edges of population centers (from west to east) starting in Dan-yang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, and ending in Kunshan. there's a 9-kilometre long (5.6 mi) section over open water across Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou.

It was completed in 2010 and opened in 2011. using 10,000 people, construction took four years and value regarding $8.5 billion.The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge presently holds the Guinness record for the longest bridge within the world in any class as of Gregorian calendar month 2011.

Top 10 longest bridge in the world

1. Danyang-kunshan grand bridge
2. Tianjin grand bridge
3. Weinan Weihe grand bridge
4. Bang na expressway
5. Beijing grand bridge
6. Lake Pontchartrain causeway
7. Manchac swamp bridge
8. Yangcun bridge
9. Hangzhou bay bridge
10. Runyang bridge

interesting facts of the longest bridge in the world

# location: china ( the largest country by population in the world )
# length: 164.8-kilometre (102.4 mi)
# It was build between Shanghai and Nanjing and goes to the Yangtze River
# officially the world’s longest bridge
# After four years, it was done in 2010 and was already open to public the next year
# More than 10, 000 people were hired to construct the bridge
# costs $8.5 Billion
# The primary purpose of constructing this bridge was to solve railway traffic in that particular area.
# This bridge is situated in between the Shanghai City and Nanjing City in East China’s Jiangsu province.
# The construction of bridge started in 2006 and got completed in 2010. It was open in 2011.
# The Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge is formed of many bridges. Qingdao Haiwan Road Bridge could be a a part of this bridge and holds the record for the longest bridge over the water with a length of 42.5 kilometres.
# The construction of this huge structure used 450,000 loads of steel.
# This bridge has a mean height from the bottom of around one hundred feet.
# The Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge passes over the water and crosses yang Cheeng Lake that features a length of six miles.

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