Bay of Bengal-One of the largest bay in the world

bay of Bengal
largest bay in the earth
The Bay of Bengal, the biggest bay within the world with waters flowing straight out of the Himalaya Mountains through Bangladesh, Roughly triangular, it's lined by Bangladesh to the North, Burma to the East, Sri Lanka and Republic of India to the west.

The Bay of Bengal occupies a part of 2,172,000 sq. kilometers (839,000 sq mi). variety of huge rivers – the Ganges River and 3 major rivers of Bangladesh the Padma, the Jamuna and Meghna, alternative rivers like the Irrawaddy, Godavari, Mahanadi, Krishna and Kaveri flow into the Bay of Bengal. Among the vital ports are city, Colombo, Payra, Chennai, Kolkata, Mongla.Among the smaller ports are the Paradip, Tuticorin, Visakhapatnam and Yangon.

The International hydrographical Organization defines the boundaries of the Bay of Bengal as follows:

On the east: A line running from Cape Negrais (16°03'N) in Myanmar through the larger islands of the Andaman cluster, in such how that every one the slim waters between the islands misinform the eastward of the road and are excluded from the Bay of Bengal, as way as a degree in very little Andaman Island in latitude 10°48'N, great circle 92°24'E and thence on the southwest limit of the Myanmar ocean [A line running from Oedjong Raja (5°32′N 95°12′E) in Sumatra to Poeloe Bras (BreuĂ«h) and on through the Western Islands of the Nicobar cluster to Sandy point in very little Andaman Island, in such the way that every one the slim waters consist to the Myanmar Sea].

On the south: Ram Sethu (between Republic of India and Ceylon [Sri Lanka]) and from the southern extreme of Dondra Head (south point of Ceylon) to the north point of Poeloe Bras (5°44′N 95°04′E).


Many major Rivers of Bangladesh flow west to east before exhausting into the Bay of Bengal. The Ganga is that the north-most of those. Its main channel enters and flows through Bangladesh, wherever it's called the Padma river, before connection the Meghna river. However, the Brahmaputra river flows from east to west in Assam before turning south and getting into Bangladesh wherever it's known as the Jamuna River. This joins the Padma where upon the Padma joins the Meghna river that finally drains into Bay of Bengal. The Sundarbans mangrove of forest of Bangladesh could be a forest at the delta of the Padma, Jamuna and Meghna rivers lies part in West Bengal and largely in Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra at 2,948 km (1,832 mi) is that the twenty eighth longest river within the world. It originates in Tibet. The Hooghly river, another channel of the Ganga that flows through Kolkata drains into Bay of Bengal.

The Padma–Meghna-Jamuna rivers deposits nearly one thousand million loads of sediment annually. The sediment from these 3 rivers forms the Bengal Delta and also the submarine fan, a huge structure that extends from Bangladesh to south of the Equator, is up to 16.5 kilometers (10.3 mi) thick, and contains a minimum of 1,130 trillion tonnes of sediment, that has accumulated over the last seventeen million years at an average rate of 665 million tons every year.[8] The Bay of Bengal used to be deeper than the Mariana Trench, the current deepest ocean point.[citation needed] The fan has buried organic carbon at a rate of nearly 1.1 trillion mole/yr since the early Miocene epoch amount. The 3 rivers presently contribute nearly 8 May 1945 of the overall organic carbon (TOC) deposited within the world's oceans. as a result of high TOC accumulation within the deep ocean bed of the Bay of Bengal, the world is made in oil and gas and gas hydrate reserves. Bangladesh will reclaim land considerably and economically gain from {the sea|the ocean} space by constructing sea dikes, bunds, causeways and by saddlery the sediment from its rivers.

Further southwest of Bangladesh, the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri Rivers additionally be due west to east in South Asia and drain into the Bay of Bengal. several little rivers additionally drain directly into the Bay of Bengal; the shortest of them is the Cooum stream at sixty four kilometer (40 mi).

The Irrawaddy| or Ayeyarwady River in Union of Burma flows into the Andaman Sea of the Bay of Bengal and once had thick mangrove forest of its own.
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The city of Visakhapatnam in India may be a major port of the Bay of Bengal
Some of the most important ports within the world —Chittagong port, Mongla, Payra Port in People's Republic of Bangladesh — are on the bay.
Indian ports on the bay include Kakinada, Pondicherry, Dharma, Gopalpur.

largest bay in the world
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Bay of Bengal
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The islands within the bay are various, together with the Andaman Islands, Nicobar and Mergui teams of India. The Cheduba cluster of islands, within the north-east, off the Burmese coast, ar exceptional for a series of mud volcanoes, that are sometimes active. nice Andaman is the main dry land or island cluster of the Andaman Islands, whereas Ritchie's dry land consists of smaller islands. Only 37, or 6.5%, of the 572 islands and islets of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are populous.[9]

Sea Beach Location
Cox's Bazar  Bangladesh
Kuakata  Bangladesh
St. Martin's Island  Bangladesh
Sonadia  Bangladesh
Inani  Bangladesh
Teknaf  Bangladesh
Pir Jahania  India
Chandaneswar  India
Chandipur  India
Konarak  India
Puri  India
Manginapudi,Machilipatnam  India
Marina Beach, Chennai  India
Ngapali  Myanmar
Galle Face  Sri Lanka

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