the largest and deepest ocean in the world

pacific ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean. With a part of 63.8 million sq. miles, or 165.25 million sq. kilometers, it covers around a 3rd of the Earth's total space, over all the land in the world.The second largest ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, has a part of 31.8 million sq. miles, or 82.4 million sq. kilometers, roughly half the dimensions of the Pacific.

The pacific ocean received its name from the mortal Ferdinand Magellan, UN agency was shocked at however calm its waters were compared to the troublesome seas he encountered sailing around the cape, at the southern tip of South America. He knew as it the "Mar Pacific," that in Spanish means that "peaceful ocean." see more about the Pacific Ocean click here.

List of the largest ocean in the world

1.The Pacific Ocean
2.The Atlantic Ocean
3.The India Ocean
4.The Southern Ocean
5.The Arctic Ocean

Fast Facts
Depth: 14000 ft
Deepest point: Mariana trance
Temperature: 29.5F to 86F
Discovered: 16th century
Discovered by: vasco de balboa
Covers: 46% of earth's water surface
Boundaries: Asia, Austalia, America

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